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Your own green office

We can significantly reduce your company's environmental impact. We'll reduce your energy, paper and toner consumption - which can dramatically reduce the total carbon footprint of your company.


Toner Recycling

We can offer recycling services for all toner cartridges supplied in line with the WEEE directive. We'll also recycle any printers or photocopiers that reach the end of their life.


Partners that care

Thanks to our partnerships with several organisations, we can offer our customers products that are as enviromentally friendly as possible.

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How a managed print solution from Green Office can benefit you

Let us provide you and your company with a simple guide to a managed print solution from Green Office. We will guide you through the audit and design process, through to implementation and after sale support.


If you are interested in arranging a free consultation meeting to determine your suitability for a managed print solution please contact us - either by phone or email and one of our specialists can offer free advice based on your situation.



If a printer malfunctions and support is required it can often come as an unexpected expense for many businesses. Our managed print solutions provide you with a safety net to protect against any printing problems that may occur whilst reducing your costs.


Controlled Expenses

With a managed print solution you have complete control of your print expenses. One quarterly payment to cover all printing - and no unexpected costs if something goes wrong.


One Supplier

With Green Office as your sole print supplier we can invoice on a monthly or quarterly basis to help manage your cash flow.


Minimize Downtime

If you can't print, the productivity within the workplace can be significantly affected. Our Managed Print Solutions ensure that your printers are fit to the task at hand as well as offering same-day call outs at no extra charge.


Relieve IT

Approximately 30% of all internal IT calls are print related. We can take this headache away from your IT team by utilising our dedicated telephone help desk as well as remote desktop connection support; this way they can focus on more important matters.


Reduce admin burden

Our remote monitoring software allows us to dispatch your toners automatically saving your admin staff valuable time from benchmarking and ordering supplies. All you need to do is pop them in the printers!

Four step print audit

Independent research has shown that as much as 3% of your company's turnover is spent on print - so it is essential that the expenditure is tracked as you can't manage what you can't measure. Many organisations lose track of their total printing costs. Our initial audit procedure can uncover these costs and bring to light potential savings and improvements that could be realised by implementing a managed print solution with Green Office.

Step 1: Assess

We will provide an initial consultation with one of our managed print specialists, to determine current printing solutions and requirements. At this point we can identify issues that need addressing and also try to establish how, where, and why money is currently being spent on print.

Step 2: Optimize

We will optimise your print fleet to make use of your most efficient machines and this will maximise productivity and reduce print costs. This oversimplified example demonstrates how utilisation of secure, centralised printing can help to drastically reduce costs.

Step 3: Implement

We will implement the newly optimised print fleet; either by utilising your existing equipment, supplying new equipment, or a combination of the two. Our managed print solutions are about flexibility and meeting your needs.

We aim to cause minimal disruption during implementation of the new redesigned print fleet; for this reason we are able to perform installations out of hours if required.

Any new drivers and software can be installed by Green Office and we will also provide on-site training on using any of the new software, printers, or MFPs (multifunctional printers)

Step 4: Manage

All of our customers benefit from a set of comprehensive SLAs, some of which are shown below:

• Automated toner delivery

• Account reviews

• Guaranteed response times

• Weekday helpdesk

• Tracking and monitoring all MFPs

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